Thursday, March 29, 2007


Your hairstyle goes out of fashion, quicker than a season.
My hairstyle has been in fashion for centuries and is here to stay.

You style your hair on mortal ones.
I style mine on the Immortal One!

You call it "clean" shaven, those with beards are Brave Men.

Guru Maanio Granth

This is concluded from another post I ade a while back about some people treating Guru Ji as a mere book and having a go at groups like R4G.

The order of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

"There are three forms of mine, O Nand, listen attentively. Formless, Physical form and Gurshabad.

Let me explain further. My first form is formless (beyond the qualities of rajo, tamo, sato). Many many times this has been discussed in sacred scriptures. The second form is Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. CONSIDER THE PAGES OF SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI AS MY LIMBS. Let this be written on each and every of your body-hair and this is a factual declaration I make to you. The Sikh who wishes to have Darshan of Guru, should go and have the darshan of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. At Amrit vela after having a bath, three times circumambulate around the All-knowing lord (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji).

With hands folded respectfully, sit in my presence, pay obeisance to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and listen to the divine sermon.

Hearing the Shabad with concentration and with love of Guru Ji, listen and make others to heed to the enlightening Shabad. One who wishes to communicate with me, should read and ponder over Bani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Those who wish to listen to my sermons, should listen and understand the bani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. DEEM SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI AS MY EMBODIMENT. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME AND SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI."

"Salvation is not achieved by seeing my physical body. Salvation is achieved by acting on my orders."

"The holy book is the home of the Transcendent Lord."

Have faith in 1.

Dont put your feet in two boats, you will surely sink.

A wife with one husband is more secure than a wife with many husbands.

During Guru Arjan Jis time there were two gursikhs by the name of Bhai Phewa Ji and Roop Chand ji. They owned and ran a safe deposit shop. One day a Moghal gave a large purse full of gold coins to them for safe keeping. He was going to Delhi and would collect it on his return. The two Gursikhs kep the purse safely but forgot to make a record of it.

Five years later the Moghal returned for his purse, Bhai Phewa Ji checked his records and of course there was no record. Neither could he remember taking the purse. This caused an argument and they both decided to make a case and bring it forward to the local Nawab.

The Nawab ordered Bhai Phewa and the Moghal to put there hands in a pot of boiling oil. The person who was right would not get his hand scalded.

Bhai Phewa Ji did an ardaas to Sri Guru Arjan Sahib Ji to come to his rescue and promised 5 gold coins and parsad as thanks. The Moghal prayed to his Pirs (Muslim Saints) and promised all the gold coins.

Both then placed there hand into the hot oil and the Moghals hand was scalded whilst nothing happened to Bhai Phewa Jis hand. The Nawab passed judgement that the Moghal was lying.

Bhai Phewa Ji returned to the shop and told Bhai Roop Chand Ji, who decided to look around the shop for the purse and found it.

Being honest Gursikhs, they located the Moghul and returned the purse to him. The Moghul gave 5 gold coins to Bhai Phewa Ji which he promised to guru ji and wished to be taken to Guru ji.

The Moghul asked Guru ji "Why is it that Bhai Phewa Ji, being wrong was proved right and me being right was proved wrong?"

Guru Ji replied " While doing ardaas, Bhai Phewa Ji had his faith in one and only one Guru. However, you had placed your faith on a large number of pirs. Each Pir thinking the other Pir was going to save you, therefore none came to save you."

Similarly when Draupadi was being unclothed, she asked many for help and none came to her aid, until she prayed to Krishan Ji, who immediately came to her rescue.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

3 types of disciples

1. They will help physically and financially, but there is no hope of spiritual advancement.

2. They help physically and financially and love talking about waheguru. There is hope for there spiritual advancement.

3. The walk in the will of waheguru and they are aware of the forces of karma. Whatever happens, good or bad they accept as his will and it is sweet to them.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Clean your mind with naam

A rich man came to see Baba Ravidas Ji and said to him "I am a very busy man, I have so many businesses to look after, so many people to see, I can only come and see you when I am free which isnt very often, so please just hurry up and bless me with naam!"

Baba Ravidas said "Ok, I will see what I can do, but first can you get me some milk?"

The richman thought is that it? Of course I can get you some milk I will bring it next time I come to see you, but Im not sure when that will be, because I am a very busy man. Baba Ravidas said "No problem, you just come back with the milk when you have time."

A few weeks later the rich man came back to Baba Ravi Das Ji and he was carrying the biggest, most shiny, clean new bucket filled with beautiful pure milk.

Baba Ravidas had a bucket too, it was in the corner of his house. This bucket was very filthy and old, it had not been washed for a while. Baba Ravidas Ji told the richman to pour the milk in this bucket. The rich man looked at the bucket and said no way, that bucket is really filthy. Baba Ravi Das ji said to the man, "the milk is for me, why are you bothered what you pour it into?"

The rich man replied, "I have brought you milk which is expensive, pure and beautiful, and you want me to pour it into a filthy bucket, the milk will be ruined and become like the bucket."

Baba Ravi Das Ji said "I dont care just pour the milk in the bucket" The rich man said no way. Baba Ravi Das Ji said so theres no way you are going to pour that milk in the bucket? The rich man said no way. Baba Ravi Das ji then said " Well how do you expect me to give you pure beautiful naam, when your mind and body is like my bucket?"

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Maya or Naam

Whilst Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Bhai Mardana Ji were on there travels, Bhai Mardana came across a put of gold and silver coins. Bhai Mardana Ji became very happy at the sight of this and started already planning what he would be able to get for the gold and how he would spend it. They had been walking for days and had not had a good nights sleep or a nice hot meal.

However, Guru Nanak Dev Ji told Mardana to leave the gold and silver behind and they went to rest. Bhai Mardana became very sad at this instruction by Guru Nana Dev ji. Whilst resting near a cave which was overlooking the untouched pot of gold, Guru Nana Dev Ji told Bhai Mardana to start doing Kirtan. Bhai Mardana told Guru Ji "I dont feel like singing the Lords praises, my heart is sad, I am a poor man and you have told me to leave that gold behind? That gold which could resolve all my problems? Why cant we take the gold Guru Ji?" Guru Nanak Dev Ji smiled and told Bhai Mardana, "If you want the gold by all means go and take it, but just wait a while and see what happens" Bhai Mardana agreed, whilst they were resting they saw three men walk out of the jungle and stumble across the pot of gold. All three men were friends and became very happy at the sight of the gold and thought they had been blessed. They said to each other we will split this gold three ways and lead a very comfortable life.

The men were hungry and before they shared the gold, one of the friends told the men he would go into the jungle and find some food to eat. So he walked away, whilst the other two waitied for him. As they sat down looking at the gold, one of the friends said to the other "If only me and you had stumbled across this gold? Then we would only have to split it only two ways and we would be even more better off" The other friend agreed and said " I have an idea, lets find a large stick each and when our friend comes back with the food, we will hit him over the head with it and kill him." The other friend agreed and said "Yes, what a good idea, when we get back home, we will tell his family he seperated from us in the jungle!" Both men were in agreement and awaited their friend to come back from the jungle with the food.

The other friend whilst in the jungle, was thinking to himself, if only I had found that gold by myself, then I wouldnt have to share it with them two! I have an idea, I will poison the food that I take back, it will instantly kill them and then I will have all the gold to myself! I will tell there families that I lost them in the jungle! He then found some food and mixed it with the poison and walked back to his friends.

As the friend came back from the jungle and walked towards his other two friends, both men attacked him with the stick killing him on the spot. The men then were about to share the gold, but they were hungry and decided to eat first and then split the gold. As soon as both men took one bite of their food, they died, the poison was so strong! All three men lay dead near the pot of gold.

Guru Nanak Ji looked at Bhai Mardana and said there you go Mardana the gold is all yours for you to take. Bhai Mardana fell at Guru Jis feet and said "I dont want any gold, all I want is naam"

Sunday, March 18, 2007


It takes time for the Artist to paint his picture.

Enjoy this time, dont become anxious or lose patience.

Once the picture is complete, it will look beautiful.