Thursday, June 07, 2007

There was no tent!

Whilst travelling down to London for the 84 March/Demonstration, we were having a discussion on Sikhi (this usually takes place once a week in the Gurdwara). One thing I learnt was how distorted so many of Gurujis Sakhis have become. Who is to blame? Us Sikhs! We hear one thin from a person and believe it to be the truth and it spreads all over.

Think about the motive and question everything that doesnt seem right.

One of the biggest misconceptions is on Vasakhi in 1699 Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj, had a tent on the stage, he took each Pyaara 1 by 1 and blood was dripping from the tent, whilst in the tent he cut up an animal, to make the people think it was human blood! LIE. Why would Guru ji say one thing and do another? Why would he hide it?

There is a muslim spy who witnesses all this and writes exactly what happened in a report he wrote to the Emperor. This report is still available! This report doesnt mention any tent or animals. The Guruji chopped each Panj Pyaaras head off, becasue that is what he asked for and that is what he said he would do. Can you even imagine how brave the 5th Pyaara must have been? To see 4 heads be chopped off before him and still go up to offer his head! What was the love these men had? I dont have it, thats for sure! Whilst all heads were chopped off, Guruji then put the heads on different bodies (showing total equality).

The muslim spy wrote to the Emperor in his report that after seeing this immacualte scene, this would be his last report as he was now also going to take Gurujis amrit. Amazing...!

How much sense and beauty does the truth show! Yet we pollute it, its time for me to wake up!