Tuesday, January 01, 2008


They wear the clothing of the Guru and pretend to follow his path. They speak big and know bani off by heart. There clothes are clean and bright, there turbans are big and smart, God has even given there faces a special glow.....

Yet what they say and what they do are two seperate things

.......There actions are dark and there soul is trapped. The mighty warrior of Maya, named Kaam is eating there soul away, yet instead of using naam to fight this warrior, they follow kaam without any hesitation. The mind has millions of desires, first you need to stop acting on them and only then will they go away. You say you are a Gursikh, but you are following your mann.

Kaur is your sister and Singh is your brother.....where has it all gone wrong?

Just by receiving Amrit you will not be saved, what a waste of a blessing that is for a person who has been given a chance of immortality and wastes it by never getting up at amritvela, why dont you understand this, it is not your appearance that will get you through Dharam raaj, but only Satguru can pull you out and for that you need to be his disciple! What master says, this humble slave does. Its not too late always beg that 'Tav charnan mann rahe humara'.

Destroy all my wordly desires and may my only desire be to see thy feet, may I place my head at your feet and serve you, may I become the dirt on your slaves feet, may your feet enter my heart and may this be my only love...