Monday, June 22, 2009

Must go through Guru Sahib to get to God.

I hear a lot of people say that Guru Sahib came to earth to make hindus and muslims become more adherent to their faiths, to join all faiths and to just show another path to god. But then I think to myself, what was the point of Guru Sahib coming.....only from studying Guru Sahib can we gain more understanding.

Without the True Guru, no one has found Him; reflect upon this in your mind and see.
(ang 37)

Without the True Guru, no one knows the Way. The blind find no place of rest.
(Ang 65)

People continue wandering through the cycle of 8.4 million incarnations; without the True Guru, liberation is not obtained.
(Ang 70)

Without the True Guru, God is not found; all have grown weary of performing religious rituals. (Ang 72)

Without the True Guru, the Lord cannot be seen.
(Ang 115)

Without the True Guru, no one has obtained the Lord; without the True Guru, no one has obtained the Lord.
(ang 466)

From the very beginning, it has been the Will of the Lord Master, that He cannot be remembered without the True Guru.
(Ang 556)

The soul-bride may wander throughout the four ages, but still, without the True Guru, she will not find her True Husband Lord.
(Ang 769)

Throughout the four ages, the One True Lord is permeating and pervading; without the Guru, no one finds Him.
(Ang 771)

Without serving the True Guru, they do not become one with the Lord.
(Ang 1057)

And so many more shabds are in reference to these same teachings.....