Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What I want

I do not want a good day at work,
I do not want to be successful in life,
I do not want a peaceful life,
I do not want a long life,
I do not want a nice wife,
I do not want a happy family,
I do not want money, cars or big houses.

All I want is to be worthy enough to see you and this the only thing I will keep asking for. O mind meditate on the name so I become worthy of that day.

The 5 control freaks

They control my actions,
They control my re-actions,
They control what I see,
They control what I say,
They control what I listen to,
They control what I DO!

O True King, Father Guru Gobind Singh JI, help me fight them, control and abolish them, so that the only one that controls me is the one who has made me