Monday, February 12, 2007

Seeing the Guru

How many butterflies would I have in my stomach when I see you?
How dry would my mouth be when you call out for me?
How fast would my heart beat when I touch your feet?
Would I even blink once when you look at me?
Would I find the right words to speak to you?
How many tears would flow down my face, when you embrace me to your chest?
And what excuse would I make for all those wasted breathes?

The Saints

Thy form is beautiful.
Thy long flowing beard is beautiful, each hair is different yet it comes from the same face.
Your posture and uniform are immaculate.
So many different turbans, yet 1 meaning.
Your words are soft, with a real meaning and hit a cord within the listener.
Your eyes are full of love.
How my heart aches for your company when you are gone!
And when you are with me I am blessed.
Who says we can not see the Gurus!? When I look into your eyes, I see all of them!

How many?

How many eyes must you have to watch over all of us? And yet you never blink once.
How many ears must you have to hear all the praises, the crying, the shouting, the moaning, the singing, the gossipping, yet you never stop listening.
How many tongues must you have to speak to all of your creation? And yet not be affected wether we listen or not!
How many hands must you have to hold everything in place? Yet you never get tired.
How many arms must you have to carry us through life?
How many feet must you have to walk with each and every one of us?
You are so many, but yet you are 1.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The calling...

Its getting louder, day by day.
Its always been there, waiting for a reply.
Somedays you try to block it out and ignore it.
Somedays you want to hear it, but it doesnt speak.
Then one day you hear it and you talk back.
It asks "Who are you?" "Find your true self"
You reply "How?" It dissappears.
You then wait, it may be days before you hear it speak again, and again it calls you.
You fall in love with it, addicted, you will do anything for it to stay and answer your questions.
Then you become content.
No more anxiety, no more loss of patience.
You let it guide you.
You let it protect you and control you.
You carry on on developing yourself spiritually and it will take care of the rest and one day you will be called.