Thursday, February 01, 2007

The calling...

Its getting louder, day by day.
Its always been there, waiting for a reply.
Somedays you try to block it out and ignore it.
Somedays you want to hear it, but it doesnt speak.
Then one day you hear it and you talk back.
It asks "Who are you?" "Find your true self"
You reply "How?" It dissappears.
You then wait, it may be days before you hear it speak again, and again it calls you.
You fall in love with it, addicted, you will do anything for it to stay and answer your questions.
Then you become content.
No more anxiety, no more loss of patience.
You let it guide you.
You let it protect you and control you.
You carry on on developing yourself spiritually and it will take care of the rest and one day you will be called.

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