Monday, March 26, 2007

Clean your mind with naam

A rich man came to see Baba Ravidas Ji and said to him "I am a very busy man, I have so many businesses to look after, so many people to see, I can only come and see you when I am free which isnt very often, so please just hurry up and bless me with naam!"

Baba Ravidas said "Ok, I will see what I can do, but first can you get me some milk?"

The richman thought is that it? Of course I can get you some milk I will bring it next time I come to see you, but Im not sure when that will be, because I am a very busy man. Baba Ravidas said "No problem, you just come back with the milk when you have time."

A few weeks later the rich man came back to Baba Ravi Das Ji and he was carrying the biggest, most shiny, clean new bucket filled with beautiful pure milk.

Baba Ravidas had a bucket too, it was in the corner of his house. This bucket was very filthy and old, it had not been washed for a while. Baba Ravidas Ji told the richman to pour the milk in this bucket. The rich man looked at the bucket and said no way, that bucket is really filthy. Baba Ravi Das ji said to the man, "the milk is for me, why are you bothered what you pour it into?"

The rich man replied, "I have brought you milk which is expensive, pure and beautiful, and you want me to pour it into a filthy bucket, the milk will be ruined and become like the bucket."

Baba Ravi Das Ji said "I dont care just pour the milk in the bucket" The rich man said no way. Baba Ravi Das Ji said so theres no way you are going to pour that milk in the bucket? The rich man said no way. Baba Ravi Das ji then said " Well how do you expect me to give you pure beautiful naam, when your mind and body is like my bucket?"


Mr. Singh said...

Nice saki. Where do you get all your saki's from?

Shows that you can by everything, but definatley not naam or salvation.

Conqueror of the world said...

Im just translating some I have heard, like this one was on the tv channel told by Baba Thahrya Ji

Sony said...

Which TV channel was this?

Conqueror of the world said...


tera13 said...

but wouldnt the naam cleanse? if one is filthy then doesnt one need naam more so than anyone else?

giani maskeen ji said in his katha once that when a child is hungry, he'll automatically reach for food. he wouldnt ask how to eat it. if there really is the thirst for naam, then you wouldnt ask how to drink it. you just would.

Conqueror of the world said...

Hmm, good point, but this person in this saki didnt seem interested in how he got naam, he just wanted it. I believe its about the stages??