Thursday, March 29, 2007

Have faith in 1.

Dont put your feet in two boats, you will surely sink.

A wife with one husband is more secure than a wife with many husbands.

During Guru Arjan Jis time there were two gursikhs by the name of Bhai Phewa Ji and Roop Chand ji. They owned and ran a safe deposit shop. One day a Moghal gave a large purse full of gold coins to them for safe keeping. He was going to Delhi and would collect it on his return. The two Gursikhs kep the purse safely but forgot to make a record of it.

Five years later the Moghal returned for his purse, Bhai Phewa Ji checked his records and of course there was no record. Neither could he remember taking the purse. This caused an argument and they both decided to make a case and bring it forward to the local Nawab.

The Nawab ordered Bhai Phewa and the Moghal to put there hands in a pot of boiling oil. The person who was right would not get his hand scalded.

Bhai Phewa Ji did an ardaas to Sri Guru Arjan Sahib Ji to come to his rescue and promised 5 gold coins and parsad as thanks. The Moghal prayed to his Pirs (Muslim Saints) and promised all the gold coins.

Both then placed there hand into the hot oil and the Moghals hand was scalded whilst nothing happened to Bhai Phewa Jis hand. The Nawab passed judgement that the Moghal was lying.

Bhai Phewa Ji returned to the shop and told Bhai Roop Chand Ji, who decided to look around the shop for the purse and found it.

Being honest Gursikhs, they located the Moghul and returned the purse to him. The Moghul gave 5 gold coins to Bhai Phewa Ji which he promised to guru ji and wished to be taken to Guru ji.

The Moghul asked Guru ji "Why is it that Bhai Phewa Ji, being wrong was proved right and me being right was proved wrong?"

Guru Ji replied " While doing ardaas, Bhai Phewa Ji had his faith in one and only one Guru. However, you had placed your faith on a large number of pirs. Each Pir thinking the other Pir was going to save you, therefore none came to save you."

Similarly when Draupadi was being unclothed, she asked many for help and none came to her aid, until she prayed to Krishan Ji, who immediately came to her rescue.

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