Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What is that Love?

That Love that stops it from being a chore?

My Love is bound by my 5 senses, how can I realise true Love?

Love should be unconditional, it should have no bounds, what makes thy Love different?

Why does my Love stop and start, many a time?

How do I invoke the Love within my heart for you?

Why follow something without Love?

I believe it, I know its true, I know its the right way, I have full faith in it. Then why cant I follow it? Why can I not truly Love it?

True Love is a longing, its the true desire, its a flame that should be consuming your body. You should not be able to eat, sleep, work because of the pain that true Love has brought you. That pain of seperation.

My Love should be like that of a child; eager, innocent, unconditional, faithful and determined. I ask again where is my Love?

Why am I wondering from place to place, when I know these places cant satisfy my Love and will not fill that hole.

O True Master make me realise your Love.

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