Friday, November 23, 2007

Me and You

You: Take it, you don't know, tomorrow may not come.

Me: Wait, how about if you mess up? There is no turning back you know.

You: Mess up? He will be with you all the way, holding your hand, whats to fear then?

Me: How about if you cant do it? I'm not doubting God, but I have my doubts about you!

You: I think you are under estimating its power, remember you are giving your head, make a request so you never trip up.

Me: What makes you think you are worthy of taking it in the first place? Do you follow the conduct? You cant even get up in the morning! Oh and naam, well yeah it comes out of your mouth, but don't make me say where your mind is.

You: But there are others who have taken it and are you not worthy or as good as them?

Me: Oh so now your comparing yourself with others, not to mention judging others! What a great disciple you would make! Ha!

You: Remember, sometimes you have to give something, to receive something.

Me: Will you be picking and choosing, which group to take it from?

You: Your not taking anything from any group, you are trading something small for immortality and you are receiving it from your Master. O foolish mind you will always be in doubt, stop questioning and jump in with full faith, with fear and love in your heart, this is the time, this is your best opportunity, don't miss out........

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