Sunday, December 30, 2007

Amrit (Pick and choose)

I Know the above sounds terrible, but unfortunately thats the way it is for some people.

I hear people say "There were a lot more people that were going to take amrit today, but they say that this jathas rules are too strict and they will wait for another jatha and take it from them".

Shocking really, that we have come to a state where we 'take' amrit on our conditions, not Guru jis! I mean after all who is guru ji, he doesnt understand how it is to live in this 'modern' age!

Its shows that we have no trust or faith in Gurujis words and hukam. People like me continue to question his authority. Then we ask why are we in this sorry state. The answers simple, we are not with our Guru ji.

Our Guruji is beyond time and beyond this so called modern western world. He is the knower of all hearts. He knows our worries and our thoughts, but have we ever let him take care of it? No! We think we can live our life in a way that we can control everything, but just once, why dont you lay everything at his feet and then see how you walk through this life with ease.

If we become his, do you think he will ever let us down? No, because only a human can let people down, our Guruji is God, so whats to worry?

If you have love in your heart for Guruji, go to him (panj pyare) with the thought that Guruji, im not worthy, my life is lifeless, I have come to your feet to beg for your amrit, all I can give is this empty head (which I think is full of wisdom). If thats the attitude you come with then Guruji will wake you up for amrit vela, Guruji will jap naam for you, Guruji will look after you kakaars. Thats what a father does, how great is he, that we dont know, but sometimes I think we dont deserve his mercy and compassion.

The path is not easy because we think that I cant do it, well we cant do anything, let Guruji do it and live by his hukam and his will and lets live life by his rules, if you see it as a chore, then it becomes like work, now none of us really like going to work do we?! But if you see it as love, communication with Guruji and that one desire, to have darshan of the Masters feet, then it becomes an addiction.


Mr. Singh said...

I think essentially there should be no need for seperate jathas. Or atleast have some form of uniformity, so that regardless of which Jatha you go to, there is no compromise on rehat and maryada. Most probably we will find that all Jatha started up with the right idea (spread the word of Sikhi), but as with most things greed etc takes over, and Jathas wanted to have a bigger following than the next Jatha by having more members. So to do that they would compromise on the rules, and be more "flexible" to attract more people to their camp. Which is completely wrong.

Mr. Singh said...

Jus to add we can look at the story of Bhai Joga, he had full faith in Guru Ji by saying "mein Guru Joga", Guruji reciprocated by saying "Je tu Guru Joga, ferh Guru vi tere Joga". Bhai Joga took that one step towards the Guru by saying those 3 words, and Guru Ji took millions of steps for his Gursikh by coming to his aid when he was about to fall into the trap of Maya (firstly ego, and then lust in this case). Guru Ji truly showed that if his Gursikhs showed him this commitment then he would never leave their side and would always be there for them.