Friday, May 06, 2005

The awakening

When will thee awaken me, I feel a pull from within when I hear the truth, but this poor soul is too attached to material

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Conqueror of the world said...


Mind is the key player in the drama of human life on this planet earth. Its
main companion is soul and both reside in the human body. All three are
creation of God and play their role in accordance with the His Will . Soul
is part of God and it emanated from Him when He thought of expressing
Himself and uttered the Word and the universe started taking shape.
''Keeta passao eko kwaao " -- Jap
The Word is also called Shabad and Naam, in Sri Guru Granth Sahib
(SGGS). The universe was created by Naam:
"Naam ke dare sagle jant
Naam ke dhare khand brahmand
Naam ke dhare akash pattal
Naam ke dhare sagal akkar"
Both visible and invisible universe was created by Naam. First five elements
were created, which were combined in different compositions to create
subtle ,animate and inanimate bodies of the universe . The five elements :
air ,water, fire, earth and space were created by God from His omnipotent
absolute silence (Sunn) and were used to establish the universe.
"Panch tutt sunno pargasa "--1034 SGGS
"Panch tutt kar tudh shrisht sabh sajee"--736 SGGS
Mind conducts all the actions and duties, is made from the five elements.
"Eh mun karmaan eh mun dharmaan
eh mun panch tutt te janma" --415 SGGS.
Whereas soul is pure , being part of God ,mind is affected by the elements it is
made of .Soul (also known as Naam,Shabad,and Jot) lives in the subtle body
inside the physical body .
"Sookham moorat Naam Niranjan kayaan ka akaar"
--415 SGGS
The physical body is also the Temple of God .
"Kayan mehal mandar hai Har ka
Tum meh rakhi Jot apaar"--
Mind is the embodiment of soul and its prime duty is to find its origin.
"Mun tu Jot saroop hain apna mool pachaan."--441 SGGS
Mind also lives in the subtle body along with soul and both are intertwined.
"Mun meh Jot Jot meh manooa" -- 879 SGGS
The soul (Jot, the Divine light ) helps the mind to see thru the eyes when
opened and is supposed to see the presence of God everywhere.
"Eh netro merio Har tum meh Jot dhari
Har bin avar na dekho koyee"--921 SGGS
Mind is responsible for all thoughts and actions in human life and acts in
three modes: Consciousness, Intelligence and Understanding . Mind is pure
in its home ( Nijh Ghar or Thir Ghar ) in the human body but it gets polluted
by the effects of Maya when it goes out.

Maya is all the visible creation of God we live in .God put the world
of Maya to work as per His plan. But He installed in the minds an
intoxicating love for the world and led the whole world astray.
"Tudh aapai jagat upaeykai appey dhandhe laeyaa.
Moh thagauly paeykai tudh apau jagat bhulaeya.
--138 SGGS
However Maya is not an objective reality and leads to duality rather than
unity,so that like a mirage the world becomes an end in itself .Maya's
game lasts only a few days . Blinded by Maya man forgets Naam. So he
neither gets Naam nor the Maya goes with him.
"Baba Maya rachna dhoh."
Andhe Naam visareya na tis eh na oh." --15 SGGS
So Maya is what makes you forget God ,produce attachment to the
world and duality.
"Eh Maya jit Har visre moh upje bhao dooja laiaa."
-- 921 SGGS
As is the fire of the womb within, so is the fire of Maya outside. The fire
of Maya and of the womb are all the same.The creator has set up this play
in action.
" Jaisee agan udar meh taisee bahar Maya.
Maya agan sabh iko jehi Karte khel rachaya."
--- 921 SGGS
Maya entices the human with temporary pleasures and gains and let them
down. Only rare ones undersdtand it..
" Baba Maya saath na hoey.
In Maya jag mohiaa virlaa boojhe koey."--595 SGGS
Life under the influence of Maya totally blinds the mind to its own reality.
Minds neither sees its own spirtuality nor hears the unstruck melody of
Naam and makes uproar and tumult for nothing.
" Mayadharee utt annah bola
shabad na sunaee bauh rol ghchola." ---313 SGGs
Maya influences the mind in three modes ('gunas') Each mode has its
own characteristics based on its source, the element it is made of.
Rajas Mode is based on element air , creates hopes,ambitions, anxieties etc.
Satvic Mode is based on element water ,creates kindness,contentment,sense
of duty ( dharma ), discipline ,charity etc.
Tamsic Mode based on element fire , creates lust,anger, greed attachment,
ego, duality , hatred, slandering etc.
"Raj gun tum gun satt gun kahiey
Eh teri sub Maya." --- 1123 SGGS
Life thus spent under three modes of Maya is called life in "Bhavjal Sagar'
or the 'Horrifying Ocean of the World' (will be referred as Ocean of Maya ).

In Satyug when human life began, mind was pure like a golden swan, being
born out out of the Pure One , the God. In Duapper and Tretta Yug ( each
yug of time spans over hundreds of thousands of years) mind became more
like human ,tainted with Maya and only rare ones could control their ego. In
the present age of Kalyug , minds have become like goblins except for those
who have already realized God.
" Kal meh pret jini Ram na pachatta
Satyug parm hans bichari .
Duappar Trette manas warte
Virle haume maree." --- 1131 SGGS
Thus many a life times are lost in hatred ,enemity, lust, attachment, falsehood,
wasteful deeds and deep greed and deceit.
"Bair birodh kaam krodh moh,
Jhooth bikaar mahan lobh dhroh.
Ihaoon jugat bihane kaee janam." --- 267 SGGS
Mind has thus become so polluted with the filth of above vices that no
divine light can filter thru it.
"Janam janam ki is mun kau mal kagee,
kala hoaa siah." ---651 SGGS
Mind is thus lost in the Ocean of Maya and forgotten its own home, the 'Nij Ghar'.
Feeding on vices and worries and anxieties all the time it has forgotten that its
true food is nectar of Naam.
"Mun ka tossa Har Naam Hai." ---756 SGGS
Polluted mind sees everything filthy. Washing the body does not cleanse the
mind. Whole world is deluded by doubts and hardly anyone understands this.
By following the yogic postures of Siddhas one may control lust but it still does
not cleanse the mind of filth and eliminate ego .
" Mun mailey sub kuch maila ,
tun dhote mun haccha no hoey.
Eh jagat bharam bhulaya, virla boojhey koey
' Sidhan ke assan sikhe,indri vuss kar kamaaey,
Mun ki mail na uttrey haumey mail na jaaey."--558SGGS

People tried to purify their mind in many ritualistic physical observances like
keeping silent, eating food put in their own hands, living naked in the
jungles, bathing at holy places and wandering on earth but never lost duality
of their mind . They even chose to live in holy places and their heads cut with
a saw but the ego of the mind did not go away by these or other hundres of
thousands rituals they used.
"Mon bhaio karpati rahio nagan phirio bun mahee .
Tut tirath dharti bharmio dubidha chuttkai nahee .
Mun kamna tirath jaaey basio sir karvar dhraey.
Mun ki mail na utre eh bidh je lakh jatan kraaey."-641SGGS
Even by recitation of scriptures and pondering upon the Vedas and cleansing
the inner body with yogic techniques did not free the mind of the five vices ,
rather it boosted the ego. These and many other methods did not help purify
the mind to meet with the Lord. So givivng up all this I knelt down to pray to
God asking for discerning intelligence.
"Path parhio aur baid bichario nivil bhuangam sadhe.
Panch jana sio sang na chuttkio adhik ahanbudh badhe.
Piare in bidh milan na jaee meh kiey karam anekan.
Har pario suamy ke duarey deejey budh bibekan."
---641 SGGS
When the clothes are soiled and stained by urine , soap can wash them clean.
But when the understanding of the mind is stained and polluted by sin, it can
only be cleansed by nectar of Naam.
"Moot palitee kapar hoey deh saboon lahiey oh dhoey.
Bhariey mut papan ke sang oh dhope nave ke rang.---Jap
The true pool of nectar of Naam (amritsar) of true God lies inside the human
body and the mind drinks it with loving devotion.
"Kayan under amritsar saach.
Mun peevai bhaey subhaee."---1046 SGGS
The human body has beautiful pool of nectar of Naam .O saints bathe your
mind in it after enshrining it to God's love . Those who bathe in it are most
immaculate people because their minds lose their filth thru Shabad (The
unstrung sound of Naam ) .
"Eh sareer sarvar hai santo isnaan kare liv laee.
Naam isnaan kare se nirmal Sabde mael gavaee."-909SGGS
The dirt of ego in mind gets cleansed up after bathing the mind in the pool
of nectar of Naam.
"Mael gaee mun nirmal hoaa ,
amritsar tirath naey."--- 587 SGGS
God himself gives devotee a bath in the pool of nectar . This nectar is full of
divine knowledge from God and a bath of mind in it washes all kinds of sins.
"Ram Har amritsar navare.
Satguru gian majan hai niko mil kalmal paap utare.-
---981 SGGS
Now how to reach this pool of nectar inside the body and escape from
sinking in the ocean of Maya..Only Satguru can help in this situation.
Satguru is the ship and his shabad, the 'gurmantra', will carry you across the
ocean of Maya to such a spirtual place where there is no air ,fire , water
and matter ( no Maya ).There lies the true Naam of the True Lord which pull
you out of this ocean.
" Satguru hai bohitha sabad langhavanhaar .
Tithai pavan na pavko na jal na akaar.
Tithe sacha sach Naey bhavjal taranhaar."---1009 SGGS
The shabad of the Guru carry you across the treacherous,impassable
ocean of Maya.
"Bhavjal bikham asgah gurshabdi paar paaey.'---962 SGGS
Now it is obvious that to cross the ocean of Maya to reach the pool of nectar
one has to meditate on the 'gurmantra till you reach 'sunn',the state of mind
where there are no thoughts in mind .In this state mind is sitting at the
doorway of 'nijh ghar'. This state can be achieved only with full faith in Satguru,
Siri Guru Granth Sahib and living a life according to Satguru's teachings
and develop virtues .
"Vin gun kite bhagat na hoey"---Jap
Sing the praises of God (meditation on gurmantra-God's name ) O saints and
friends with full concentration and singlepointed mind.
"Prabh ki ustat karo sant meet, savdhaan ikagar cheet."
--- 295 SGGS
One has to focus his consciousness on recitation of 'gurshabad ' during
meditation , listen to it attentively and he will find the mystery about Him and
the way to meet Him.
"Dhun meh dhian dhian meh jania,
Gurmakh akath kahani." ---879 SGGS
Simple repetition of the Gurmantra by a 'manmukh', an egocentric person
does not cleanse his mind. Nor does leading a life of deception by the above
man cleanse his mind of filth. At the same time the egocentric man wth all his
studies but not knowing the right way to do the meditation, will not help him
achieve the goal either . He does not understand Naam and wanders deluded
by doubts.
"Manmukh Har Har kar thake mael no sakke dhoey."
--- 39 SGGS
"Har Har kare nit kapat kamaave hirdha sudh na hoee."
--- 732 SGGS
"Pareh manmukh par bidh nhin jana.
Naam na boojhey bharam bhulana." ---1032 SGGS

For a 'gurmakh', the Guru- oriented person a regular practice of reaching and
staying in the 'sunn' state ,one day leads to hearing 'Shabad' , the unstrung
sound of Naam. Mind has to focus its attention on that. This is the 'amritsar',
the pool of nectar , pool of divine knowledge in which the mind is bathed .One
should stay in that state as long as one can. Repeated bathing of mind in this
nectar leads to complete purification of mind while sitting at the doorway of
the 'nijh ghar',the residence of pure mind and soul. With the grace of God
(Gurparsaad) the doorway opens one day, mind reaches its own home ,
amidst the sounding of 'panch shabads', the five melodies of the unstrung
music, infused by the Almighty's power. There ends the long journey of mind
lasting over four yugas after subduing five demons of Maya, destroying the
torture of 'Kaal' (incharge of Maya).
"Vaaje panch shabad tit ghar subhage .
Ghar subhage shabad vaaje kala jit ghar dhariya.
Panch doot tudh vuss kite kaal kantak maariya."--917 SGGS

From 'nijh ghar' the mind now can move to 'sehj ghar,the mansion ot the Lord,
Who receive the mind with praise and a hug over its victory over Kaal.
"Nijh ghar bass sehj ghar laeeye." ---887 SGGS
"Dhan dhan sabaash kahey prabh jan kau ,
Nanak meil laaye gal layee" ---494 SGGS