Thursday, May 12, 2005


How many of us go into a Gurudwara bow our heads thinking about everything but the Guru and his word? I do.

How many of us walk into the Gurudwara and before looking and concentrating on our Guruji infront of us, we look for people who we might know and who we can sit down next to, cos we dont want to sit by ourselves (that means we look like loners!)? I do.

How many of us will not listen to what our Guruji is saying and concentrating on the word, but talk to our friends about whats happenin? hows life? what you doin tonight? I do.

Now ask yourselves would we do this if Guru Gobind Singh Ji was sitting up there infront of us?

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BCSikhYouth said...

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa,
Vaheguru ji ki fatheh!

Your comments provoke though and introspection. If we reflect on our actions and their causes we will know more about why we do the things we do and how to change our motivations to fit with Gurmat.

Thanks for the post.

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