Monday, May 09, 2005

God, Waheguru, Ram, Allah

Family, Money, Cars, Women/Men, Houses, Clothes, Maya......Waheguru comes last on the list what fools we are!!!

Look at everything as if you were looking at God
Listen to everything as you were to be listening to God.
Speak to everyone the way you would speak to God.
Think of everything as God.

Tears come to my eyes when I think of thee, why is that so? The body goes numb, theres a shiver down my spine, my heart feels like something is pulling it, the mind feels fresh, whilst dryness takes the breath. Why is this so Master, beloved Waheguru?

I am not even worthy of being the dirt on the shoes of the slaves of the slaves of Waheguru.

We only pray to you waheguru when we need your help and how great you are waheguru that you still come to my aid! I only use you, yet you help me when im in great trouble.

Thankyou Waheguru ji, Thankyou.
You gave me life, thankyou.
You gave me a way of life, thankyou.
You gave me your name, thankyou.
You give me everything I need and want, thankyou.
You give, you take, thankyou.
Yet we dont say thankyou, thankyou for everything Waheguruji.

Im such a fool, you have shown me the way, yet I am still blind.
You have given me your word, yet I am still deaf.
You have told me what to say, yet I am still dumb.
You have told me how to live, yet I am still paralyzed.

Some call you Ram, some call you Allah, some call you Lord, I call you all.

Please help me find you, otherwise this life will be wasted! Who knows how many I have wasted already!?

Give me strength so I can destroy the 5 sins which pollute my mind, body and soul. Those sins which keep me away from thee. Make me fearless, show me love, make me walk the path Nanak has set out.

Your great, yet I dont appreciate you! I ignore you, say ill words to others, I have time for everything apart from you, I dont think of you, yet your so great that you wait for me to say hello, bye, goodmorning, goodnight. You never think bad of me, you say theres always tommorrow, yet I still dissappoint thee, how great you must be to wait for an idiot like me! Waheguru!

Poor is a King without you. Rich is a beggar with you.
Childless is a mother without you.
Dry is the water without you.
Cold is the sun without you.
Love is hate without you.
Heaven is hell without you.
Life is death without you.


Conqueror of the world said...

The teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib do not stand or fall with the cycle of death and birth, the essence is very neatly summed up by Guru Arjun in Asa M 5 :

This human body has been given to you.
This is your chance to meet the Lord of the Universe.
Nothing else will work.
Join the Sádh Sangat, and meditate on the Jewel of the Nám. ||1||

This first verse of the shabd gives a very clear direction to everybody, regardless of their religion, regardless of their believes about the afterlife, or life before this one.
We are to meet the Lord of the Universe, God, Vahiguru, Jehova, Allah, Rám, the Great Manitou, and we do that by remembering the Nám, which word has similar meaning to the word Logos (Greek : Word) that appears in John's Gospel, as in : In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, the Word was God. Logos, Word, Nám stands for something like the Godly Essence, and we can translate Nám, Logos or for instance Baruch de Spinoza's 'Substance' by God, by remembering the Omnipresent and All-Pervading in all we do.

From this teaching, even from fully understanding the opening line of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the Múl Mantr, follow concepts like : Honest Work, Share with Others, Remember God. These concepts, and the practical behaviour that should follow from them, are not divisive, they lead to sharing and doing things together with people following other paths.

Conqueror of the world said...

It annoys me when people who are part time believers in God and only ask or pray to God when they need something, say things like Im so angry at God because he didnt give me this or that, I hate God because he didnt do this for me or even question God! How dare they! Those who love and have true belief in the almighty never question his will, to them it is the sweetest thing of all! Who are we to question his way?!

Conqueror of the world said...


Im not sure which Great Sikh said this but I love it, imagine what a perfect world we would live in if we followed this simple quote.

Truth Seeker said...

Truth are your writings and they seem to be coming from the heart. Good going. Waheguru ji!